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Since China’s urbanization continues to grow at a rapid pace, construction has obviously speeded up. The opportunity is this industry lies mostly in the high-end of the commercial real estate sector. In this industry, you can understand it by attending the real project. It is a good way to learn more about China’s unique culture.

Chinese architecture plays a significant role in influencing in Asia

Chinese urban planning is in a continuous process of expansion


Architecture Design Intern

Right for major in Architecture/Urban Planning

Coordinate with project director survey the material and finish the reports

According to the related requirements, responsible for design job statement and hand over the architecture design standard

Assist in material selection and design optimization on the each architecture design stage

Provide help for construction technique, supervise the local design company finishing work on time and review the modification

Working with other related departments, control the design modification

Architecture Engineer Intern

Right for major in Architecture/Urban Planning

Independent work in the evaluation, selection, application and adaptation of engineering techniques, procedures and criteria

Understands the standard engineering work planning, scheduling and cost estimating

Assigns work to designers, and drafters who assist on specific assignments. Be able to devise new approaches to solving problems

Up- to-date knowledge of computer applications to engineering and design

A broad knowledge of the application of engineering to plant constructibility as applied to construction methods and materials


This sector will witness a surge at an average annual rate of more than 20 percent from 2013 to 2015.Chinese government also plans to improve the sector's innovation and technological. In this industry, you may get in touch with advanced materials, alternative energy, new-generation information technology, high-end equipment manufacturing, new-energy cars, energy conservation etc.

Chinese government will pay more attention to this industry in the following years

The number of Chinese biotech companies increased dramatically


Lab Assistant

Right for major in Chemical Engineering/Polymer Engineering/Material Science

Perform laboratory tests including pre-and post-analytic phases

Prepare samples/specimens

Produce accurate and reliable data and interpret results

Investigator and Assay Development Intern

Right for major in Polymer Engineering/Chemical Engineering

Help with develop biochemical, biophysical and cellular assays

Biochemical assays include ELISA, alpha assay, TR-FRET, all sorts of functional readout of enzymatic activity and any innovative assay formats

Adapt various assays to automated lab equipment for high throughput screening

Validate the established assays to ensure characterization and identification of small compounds

Data analysis and management using standard software as well as customized sophisticated software

Follow up and evaluate new technologies and methods developed in both academic labs and industry


Trade & Logistics

The trade and logistics are quite popular in China due to online shopping. Even online shopping has not been around in China for very long time, it saw a rapid growth. In this industry, you will assist companies by using your business, logistics, supply chain management knowledge and skills.

China’s proportional logistical governmental investment is more than twice that of developed nations

Foreign competitors have found competitive advantages through optimizing their operational efficiency, forcing domestic companies to follow suit

The growth of the sector has placed huge demand on transport, storage and distribution

Foreign companies dominate express delivery, sea-freight forwarding and specialized logistics services and have gained a strong presence across china


Sourcing Assistant

Right for major in Business/Marketing

Coordination of logistics arrangements

Follow up on orders

Monitor production deadlines

Update project schedules and statuses on weekly basis

Assist in organizing payment schedules with suppliers

Assist in sourcing activities

Monitor supplier quality and delivery performance and develop improvement strategies to ensure business needs are met

Drive improvements in sourcing processes including escalations due to delivery/quality issues, invoice/payables issues, and manage database

Assist in quality control and factory inspections

Consultant, Supply Chain Solutions

Right for major in Business/Supply Chain Management

Support and develop world-class innovative logistics solutions that will exceed target sectors / customer requirements

Help to outline solutions in appropriate formats for presentation to customers

Participate in customer presentations where required

Drive the change management process to deliver world class SCS activities in the region

Provide analysis and design support in the pursuit of new business, operational implementations and re-engineering initiatives

Utilize appropriate software tools for developing, modeling, evaluating and selecting appropriate solution options 

Purchase and Logistics Coordinator

Right for major in Logistics Management/Supply Chain Management/Business

Coordinate orders with Franchise partners, logistic and finance team to assure fast and accurate process

Follow our internal purchase and minimum order guidelines and push sales to Franchise partners

Coordinate first orders for new Franchise partners

Introduce promotions and new arrivals to Franchise partners and ensure timely orders

Keep a good relationship with Franchise partner and internal teams

Coordinate Logistic matters if needed


IT industry may very well be one of the fastest growing industries in the world right now and China will be no different. China owns the world’s largest Internet users and IT department is one of the most significant departments in companies. Besides, China’s big brand like Huawei, Lenovo and Xiaomi have been quite popular abroad. In this industry, you can assistant with carious IT projects, develop hardware and software, as well as learn to solve creative problem skills.

Big brand IT companies thirst for international talents with multi-culture background

Foreign IT experts are highly needed since increasing number of foreign stuff who are using English software


Web Developer

Right for major in Computer Science

Update the site design and technical road map and requirements

Integrate the existing templates

Update Design web page layouts and manage assets

Ongoing websites updates

Java Technologist

Right for major in Computer Science

Work in a global team of developers, analysts to design, develop, test and implement features across the platform

Influence the developers through technological excellence

Work closely with the manager, business and other IT groups globally to deliver the best solution

Drive for the best use of development tools in coordination with the wider technology community

Help to research, define and enhance our development processes (e.g. development approach, code review, design review, and test methodology) to improve overall team performance in a global environment

Cross-train designated personnel for back-up purposes

Front-End Developer

Right for major in Computer Science

Report to Project Manager

Build frontend projects according to provided designs and functional specifications

Deliver projects to the required level of quality

Deliver projects on time

Coordinate with testing, maintaining and optimising own projects

Continue to learn about new web technologies

Green Energy

Renewable power, including wind, hydro, solar and nuclear power would contribute to about half of new electricity generation by 2020 in China. Since it is a start-up industry, most of Chinese companies are looking for suitable smart people working in this industry. In this industry, you can assist with energy conservation projects, do research in terms of global warming and changes.

China will plough 2.5tn yuan (£292bn) into renewable power generation by 2020

Get deep understanding of China’s energy policy


Policy and Corporate Sustainability Intern

Right for major in Green Energy/Business

Speak to clients and contacts

Assist in conducting numerical analysis, and presenting it graphically

Extract key patterns, apply skepticism to the claims of industry participants and ask insightful questions

Conduct research calls and communicate with senior industry contacts

Electrical Engineer Intern – Wind Energy

Right for major in Green Energy/Engineering

Deal with electrical issues relative to wind farms from Service and Construction

Coordinate with collaborating with Certification institute for specified project

Help with the development of application technology, converter working wind turbine technology contract preparation

Familiar with company products, good at doing technical presentation to customers, and conduct technical training to customers

Industry Analyst

Right for major in Green Energy/Business

Deliver presentations at industry conferences and webinars 

Maintain company website, blog, and social media accounts

Support marketing and organization efforts for annual energy storage conference

Assistant in designing and executing inbound and outbound trade missions

Represent the Alliance at international events

Tourism & Travel

The rapidly rising demand for travel in China present a great opportunity for Chinese travel-related companies. As China has become one of the world's most-watched and hottest inbound and outbound tourist markets, more and more related employees are highly needed. In tourism & travel industry, you can easily get in touch with local services such as entertainment, accommodation and catering for tourists.

China ranks third as a tourist destination country after France and the US

If Hong Kong and Macau are included, then China is the world's number one tourist destination

This industry saw a big increase in foreign tourists


Travel Coordinator

Right for major in Business/Travel Management/International Trade

Local Travel Policy updates

Cooperation with Travel Agency

Follow up on escalated service issues

Local supplier management & market analyses, rate reviews

Tradeshow process monitoring (if required)

Assist in cooperating with travel expenses team

Assist in cooperating with accounts payables on invoicing solutions

Corporate Travel Counselor

Right for major in Business/Travel Management

Complete reservations at the point of sale where possible, accurately and efficiently

Provide excellent customer service and exceed expectations at all times

Support other areas of the team as/when required

Provide a global service to the client by liaising with colleagues in other offices when required

Operations Officer Intern

Right for major in Business/Travel Management

Budgeting of itineraries

Book all accommodation, transport, activities and food etc.

Manage tour guides

Select, audit and liaise with suppliers and other third party organizations

Create all trip materials to be used by guides and follow trip progress

Keep in touch with guides closely during the trip and make adjustment timely when customers have complains

Help look at new opportunities and destinations to create more exciting and interesting trip routes


China’s steady growth of economy gives great opportunity to engineering industry. In 2014, the revenue for the engineering services industry was $27 billion. And this industry is expected to see a continuing growth in the future, showing an enormous potential of creating new jobs. In this industry, not only those with engineering background, but also who are strong in math, mechanical, listening and problem-solving skills can gain real working experience.

This industry covers the widest number of jobs

Chinese company like to hire temporary engineers—more internship opportunities


Quality Engineer Assistant

Right for major in Mechanical Engineering

Help to develop work instructions and/or other documentation for quality function

Coordinate with other functions to assure the related work instructions are developed by the corresponding functions

Perform internal audits per the internal audit plan

Assure nonconforming material is quarantined and disposed in a timely manner. And push supplier to improve incoming quality

Help to develop control plan, inspection plan and/or instructions, etc. for the product/process of the manufacturing projects to assure the launched projects achieve the quality objectives

Coordinate gages calibration to assure all gages being used are in good conditions

Assist in solving quality issue from supplier, production and customer

CAE Engineer Assistant

Right for major in Mechanical Engineering

Understand the wind energy conversion system of wind turbines

Help to calculate and test wind energy conversion system

Ensure the quality design of wind turbines with convincing verification and in compliance with necessary regulations & standards

Assist in designing Failure Model and Effects Analysis

Help with general technical support


For those who major in law, China is definitely an ideal place to start your career. Due to historical issues, the development of China’s law industry is slow; however, it steadily rebuilt its legal expertise. Increasing number of legal services and justice present a high demand for international talents. In this industry, you are likely to assistant the team with legal research and review some real cases.

Legal internships require communication, speaking and interpersonal skills

Being familiar with Chinese law is needed


Legal Counsel

Right for major in Law

Prepare and/or review commercial agreements, legal documents and correspondence

Support Company (HR) management for all legal issues concerning any HR matter (including visa, employment, employee handbook, termination, labor disputes, etc.)

Help to manage Intellectual property affairs, such as: trademark registration and transfer, license, trademark infringement issue, unfair competition, etc.

Act as main contact person for various government agencies

Support the franchise department to follow up the legal issue in the process

Coordinate with external legal counsels and agencies

Lawyer Assistant

Right for major in Law

Help to develop projects of legal documents (contracts, claims, etc.)

Check contracts and agreements

Draw up typical forms of contracts and documents

Interact with the state and local government departments

Finance & Accounting

In finance and accounting you will assist companies that provide financial and accounting services to commercial and retail customers.

This sector includes banks, investment funds, insurance companies and real estate

China’s financing system is expanding rapidly due to the growth of its monetary policy

Learn new ideas and approaches through China’s financial system

Be involved with high financial profile companies in finance analysis, accounting, venture capital, portfolio investments among others

Through the expansion Special Economic Zones, coastal cities and central cities China has been opening to foreign-owned and Chinese-foreign joint venture financial institutions

China is getting away its capitals control regime and starting to diminish these controls


Financial Analyst

Right for major in Finance & Economics

Participate in the quarterly and year-end financial reporting

Actively participate in the budgeting and forecasting processes

Analyze financial information to produce forecasts of business, industry and economic conditions for use in making business decisions

Help to provide all necessary analytical support to evaluate potential new business opportunities

Prepare and present ad-hoc analytical reports and financial models

Tax Accountant

Right for major in Accounting

Monthly export VAT exemption and tax rebate

Coordinate in withholding tax issues related to non-trade payment

Tax declaration and filing, ensure compliance with taxation regulations

Preparation of deferred tax and yearly settlement and payment of enterprise income tax

Assist and support the implementation of the tax planning

Keep effective communication with tax bureau and ensure application/submission is timely and accurate

Financial Consultant

Right for major in Finance & Economics/ Business/Communications

To represent customers' interests, help to provide unbiased advice and distinctive unparalleled customer service

Assist in promoting and preparing financial plans to prospective customers

Contact and secure potential new business customers

Support the financial department to follow up the cases in the process

Help with renew the financial plan

Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals

In healthcare and pharmaceuticals industry your job will be related to the medical and healthcare goods or services.

This sector includes hospital management firms, health maintenance organizations, biotechnology, among others

In China, there is one of the largest pharmaceutical markets in the world

China’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sector has also been growing due to the population’s purchasing power growth

China’s healthcare system is growing at an amazing pace. It is expected to grow from $357 billion in 2011 to %1 trillion in 2020

China is one of the most attractive pharmaceutical markets, and it is the fastest-growing one of the large emerging markets


Chief Quantitative Analyst Assistant

Right for major in Medicine and pharmacology

Assist in developing analytical algorithm from medical and clinical perspective

Help to improve quality control regarding data analysis and services

Monitor cutting-edge development in medical and clinical data, facilitate the introduction and localization of related technologies

Coordinate with developing company knowledge regarding professionals and communities in the field of medical and clinical data, recommend talents

Lab Assistant

Right for major in Biotechnology

Help to implement trial plan according to scientist’s guidance and record experimental results. Ensure all trial plans are executed timely and accurately

Assist in evaluating experimental results and providing timely feedback to scientist and other stakeholders

Operate pilot scale technical equipment’s when relevant, which need hard and repeated work

Provide support for other colleagues, such as chemical and sample registration, lab maintenance and clean up, safety work support etc.

Marketing, PR & Advertising

In the Marketing, PR and Media you will learn how to keep and satisfy customers in the Western and Chinese Market.

Become a project coordinator or assistant for the top marketing and PR companies in Beijing and Shanghai

Learn how to market products and services in one of the biggest economies of the world

Assist Chinese companies on how to approach the Western market

Different to other countries, in China news media are given big trust by people. Readers tend to give a lot of credibility to what news media share

Brand awareness is a very important marketing goal for most Chinese and non/Chinese firms

Consumption patterns in China are becoming more sophisticated, diminishing the differences between the Chinese consumer and foreign ones


International Sales

Right for major in Finance & Economics/ Business

Help to deal with the buyers from main supermarket group and traditional channels, keep good relationship with the customer

Improved conversion of lead to deal completion

Take sales leads to approach potential clients

Assist in executing marketing plans in sales strategy, including demand generation, product training, pricing promotions and other activities that lead to successful sales efforts

Coordinate with conduct market research, competitive analysis and product analysis

Act as the initial point-of-contact for all prospective/existing customer inquiry, needs and requests

Help to establish a clear understanding of customer issues, and document the inquiry and issues properly

Assist in conducting outreach through phone calls, email and meetings

Source prospective customers and make initial introduction of the company and service

Marketing Specialist

Right for major in Business/Communications

Assist with the development and maintenance of corporate media resources network, timely feedback media cooperation intention, for brand exposure

Help the writing and delivery of public relations manuscripts, and monitoring of the resources have been put on the monitoring results responsible for analysis, judgment, and assessment

According to the product, operation and other departments of business needs,help to provide marketing, branding, activities and other aspects of relevant news articles and dissemination

Cooperate with other colleagues in the marketing department to plan marketing activities, disseminate ideas, write press releases and new media (microblogging, WeChat, etc.) to disseminate the copy and implement it

Deal with negative news, public relations crisis

Event Coordinator

Right for major in Business/Communications

Support planning and coordination of events and activities

Ensure implementation of policies and practices

Help manage communications through media relations, social media etc. if necessary

Help build positive relations within the team and external parties, such as vendors, catering, sponsors etc.

Schedule and organize meetings/events and maintain agenda

Ensure technology is used correctly for all operations (live streaming, presentations, audio etc.)

Prepare paperwork and order and arrange materials for events/activities

Keep updated records and create reports or proposals

Support growth and program development

Make sure everything in right order at the events


In hospitality, emerge yourself in China’s tourism industry, learning all the insights of China’s hotels and restaurants.

Receive a comparative stipend per month

Learn about different cultures customer service

China’s hospitality industry has had a tremendous growth, becoming a $44 billion business with 2.5 million hotel rooms

In the next ten years, this industry will grow to a $100 billion industry with 6.3 million rooms

China’s hospitality market will be one of the most important markets for global operators


Food and Beverage Manager

Right for major in Travel Management/Business/Communications

Manage all F&B and day-to-day operations within budgeted guidelines and to the highest standards

Preserve excellent levels of internal and external customer service

Design exceptional menus, purchase goods and continuously make necessary improvements

Identify customers needs and respond proactively to all of their concerns

Lead F&B team by attracting, recruiting, training and appraising talented personnel

Provide a two way communication and nurture an ownership environment with emphasis in motivation and teamwork

Comply with all health and safety regulations

Assistant Front Office Manager

Right for major in Travel Management/Business/Communications

Assist the Front Office Manager in all aspects of the department and ensure service standards are followed

Provides managerial support for Reception, Royal Service, and Guest Services in the daily operational duties for these areas

Consistently offer professional, friendly and engaging service

Ensure proper staffing and scheduling of all Front Office colleagues in accordance to productivity guidelines

Communicate through pre-shift logs, emails and departmental meetings all pertinent information for the respective shift and areas of operation

Assist guests regarding hotel facilities in an informative and helpful way

Follow all safety policies

Education & Translation

In education, expand your knowledge with the potential in educational training, specifically early childhood education, K12 training, and vocational training.

China’s second child policy is going to increase significantly China’s education sector

The size of Chinese education industry will double by 2020. It will go from 1.6 trillion yuan in 2015 to 2.9 trillion yuan by 2020

Private education in China is continuing growing. In 2008, from 579,008 total education institutions, 120,526 were private

Interact with kids and learn first-hand of Chinese culture

80% of decision makers in the Chinese education industry plan to grow their core business


Quality Control Assistant

Right for major in Communications/Education

Assist the Brand and Quality Control Manager in his tasks

Help to recruit and train new teachers, editors and tutors

Assist in managing, communicating with, and assigning work to tutors and academic editors based in the West (primarily in the US, Canada and England)

Participate in and add value to new company ventures

Several other miscellaneous tasks

Marketing Coordinator

Right for major in Business/Education

Assist with the development of new sales ideas and processes

Constant expansion of the sales region

Assistance in the implementation of marketing projects

Public Relationships Coordinator

Right for major in Communications / Education

Help to develop thoughtful storytelling and communications across a variety of media and channels such as digital, social media, blog, print, video, etc.

Research reporters and media outlets abroad

Coordinating with driving local communication strategy through press releases, pitches, surveys and more

Work closely with a central office on press releases and drive communication strategy on the local level

Assist with strategic message planning and development of comprehensive communications plans

Help orchestrate press events

Business & Consulting

With one of the biggest economies in the world, China’s attraction of foreign investment and emergence of national firms have made China into a huge and dynamic business hub. Be part of it and learn from a real business market.

As a consultant, answer and give solutions to client’s business questions and troubles

Be responsible of increasing revenue, reduce costs, give clear strategic direction

Give guidance to management in order to improve the organization’s performance

China is one of the most profitable markets when it comes to the management consulting industry

The country has attracted a big number of top leading consulting companies, such as McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, etc.


Business Development Intern

Right for major in Business/Communications

Help to develop commercial networks and possibilities for direct collaboration with Chinese firms in the infrastructures sector

Assist in identifying strategic partnerships to be set up to create or reinforce a customer base and jointly create opportunities

Assist in identifying, with backstopping officers, the internal and external (‘experts’) staff to be recruited to meet the needs of the offer

Assist in identifying and collecting appropriate references in the database of the firm allowing for demonstrating the company’s capacity to perform the requested services

Participate in the launching of the project and organize the mobilization of design, technical assistance, or field works supervision teams

Interface between headquarter departments and field teams

Help to conduct field missions with the Project Coordinator (PC) to facilitate implementation and jointly report any issue to his line manager (technical issues, human resource issues, dissatisfaction of client)

In collaboration with PC, monitor the financial profitability of the project: prepare the budget at the beginning of the project then regularly check compliance with it

Brand Consultant Intern

Right for major in Business/Communications

Help to plan and deliver complex and integrated branding/marketing projects and prepare (top management level) presentations in terms of brand/marketing strategies and concepts

Collaborate with other project team members to develop hypotheses, conduct and manage research and analysis, and formulate insightful and actionable recommendations for clients

Support project teams to drive superior results and insightful recommendations, and ensure the scope and profitability of the projects

Support our clients in clearly and convincingly defining, deliver and measure brand strategies (incl. digital and social media)

Assist senior level consultants with managing day to day aspects of client relationships and support our director in terms of account management

Coordinate in supervising, guiding and educating juniors, trainees and assistants on brand/marking strategy topics and how they can influence business and brand outcomes

Research Analyst Intern

Right for major in Business/Communications

Help to source, aggregate and curate important developments in the China market and various sectors

Assist in conducting quantitative and qualitative analysis on selected market developments, company announcements, and industry trends

Coordinate in producing polished research and analysis content for delivery to customers via web, mobile app, and email

Work creatively and independently to produce high-quality deliverables, under the general guidance of senior analysts

HR & Administration

Do not restrict yourself to a single activity, with HR and Administration you will be involved in many functions of the firm.

Take part in organizational charts, shape corporate culture, manage employee communications, create benefit programs, set up programs to measure performance, among many other tasks!

Help organize the organization’s business personnel and resources to achieve the firm’s goals and objectives

Provide administrative support for logistics arrangements, tackling disciplinary issues, issue necessary

China has one of the biggest human resources markets, with 1.06969 billion people labor force

China’s labor force characterizes for being of high-quality and high-ability


HR Assistant

Right for major in HR/Communications/Psychology

The initial selection of potential candidates for the recruitment of the foreign employees and coordinating with the interviews

Assist the department manager during the on-boarding process of new employees, especially the foreign employees

Cooperate with the company’s administrative and finance departments

Assists the department manager processing the new employee, especially the foreign employees’ daily administrative affairs

Contact the company’s technical department, assists the department manager arranging the daily team meetings, book the meeting room, test the equipment, design the meeting process and arrange the meeting room etc.

International Recruitment Assistant

Right for major in HR/Communications

Help to make and implement overseas talent recruiting plan

Assist in maintaining and developing overseas recruiting channels according to business needs

Help to optimize internal organizational structure, build overseas talents introduction system

General Manager Assistant

Right for major in Business/Communications

Organize and facilitate General Manager’s management activities including internal and external meetings and visits. Note meeting memos, follow-up actions and follow up until completion

Facilitate smooth communication between General Manager and internal team including global team and between General Manager and external parties such as media and customers

Support General Manager on the preparation of business related presentations, review materials, reports

Manage General Manager’s daily office administration, schedules and travel logistic arrangements

Support General Manager on project follow-up, business related information collections and marketing research

Media & Creative Industries

Work for media industries such mobile media, print media and broadcasting, also for creative industries in graphic design, fashion, product design among others.

Experience how other cultures express themselves and communicate

Develop new creative ideas and share them with your team

Help your company develop their brand

The value of the Chinese entertainment and media market is of $178.4 billion

The advertising spending in China is of $92.1 billion


Graphic Designer

Right for major in Graphic Design

Assist in ongoing development and redesign of creative assets across all marketing activities to enhance customer experience and drive business performance

Design and create banners for the website, affiliate, display, social media and EDM campaigns

Resize and translate the banners based on the campaign or market requirements

Interior Designer

Right for major in Interior Design

Assist Chief Designer with the interior design

Confer with Chief Designer to determine factors affecting planning interior environments, such as architectural preferences, purpose and function

Help to manage the designers' calendars, arrange meetings with vendors and maintain catalog and materials

Assist in estimating material requirements and costs, and presenting design to Chief Designer for approval

Advise on interior design factors, such as space planning, layout and utilization of furnishings and equipment, and color coordination

Help to select or design, and purchase furnishings, art works, and accessories

Coordinate with formulating environmental plan to be practical, aesthetic, and conducive to intended purposes, such as raising productivity or selling merchandise

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